Boohoo must pay back workers and go transparent

Workers making Boohoo clothes in Leicester are owed million of pounds in back pay after years of £3.50/hr work. Illegal exploitation in their supply chain is further being masked by Boohoo’s continued refusal to release their factory list. Sign the petition to call on Boohoo to pay back the wages that are owed and to go transparent.

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Dear John Lyttle CEO,

Continued evidence of workers being exploited and paid £3.50/hr in UK factories making Boohoo clothing has become impossible to ignore. The Alison Levitt QC Review made it clear that wage theft has been, and continues to be, an issue at your suppliers. UK factory workers are owed millions of pounds due to illegally underpaid wages. As your business has continued to profit from this deficit, I am calling on you to act to ensure workers are compensated for their loss. This action should look backwards as well as forwards, ensuring back pay reaches workers who have made your clothes, as well as work to ensure that future supplier relationships deliver on legal wage levels.

A further vitally important step is to make your business transparent. Being honest about where clothes are made is the first step to change. Boohoo must publish its supplier list without delay.

I am therefore calling on Boohoo to carry out the following:

  1. Boohoo must commit to ensure workers who made your clothes receive at least the minimum wage for the work they have done and improve conditions in your supplier factories to make them legal. The longstanding and extensive wage theft in suppliers in the UK must be addressed by Boohoo through the urgent provision of back pay and reimbursement of bonuses. This could be provided through a specific fund, operated independently, to meet the wage theft deficit, or otherwise.
  2. Boohoo must halt any practices of cutting and running from suppliers unless all worker concerns and backpay issues have been first remediated.
  3. Boohoo should work to give union access at all their suppliers going forwards to improve worker representation and monitoring of conditions.
  4. Boohoo must publish your supplier list and sign the transparency pledge now, without delay.
  5. Boohoo must sign the wage assurance statement to show your commitment to paying your workers and improving social security in your supply chains going forward.

Please let me know how you plan to address these issues.

Yours sincerely,

*Your Name*


How can you help?

1. Sign and share our petition

We need your help to make sure that the workers producing Boohoo clothing are treated fairly. Sign our petition today to ask boohoo to pay its workers properly and publish its factory list then share it with friends.

2. Take to social media (in particular, Instagram)

Take to social media and let @boohoo know you want them to #PayYourWorkers and #GoTransparent. Workers are owed millions in unpaid wages and Boohoo must pay the people who have made their clothes properly for the work they have done. Keeping supply chains secret further hides exploitation and illegal wages in the fashion industry. Send them a message.

3. Whatsapp Boohoo’s complaints line

Boohoo have a whatsapp chat channel. You can use it to ask them questions about workers’ rights and their factories. Go to on your phone and it should link to a whatsapp to start talking.

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